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Week 3

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Week 3: Stake holders and risk assessment.                                           

Weekly objectives: To define stakeholders in a project and share and comment on others' proposals


Stakeholders – definitions and listing
Stakeholder analysis – their needs, your needs, communication strategies
Risk assessment, mitigation strategies and contingency plans
Outputs, outcomes, and resources


More on Risk: This useful article from the excellent Mind Tools site

More on Stakeholder analysis (also from the Mind Tools site)


  1. What is a stakeholder?  It's a term we use a lot, but what does it mean?  Who are the stakeholders in your project?  Use the week 3 forum to discuss this question

  2. Download the stakeholder analysis form and complete it for your project.  Who are your stakeholders?  What do they need from you? What do you need from them?  What does this tell you about how you will communicate with them for the best outcomes? Post some of your thoughts on your wiki space, and also share on the forum

  3. What are the risks to your project?  Take a look at the risk assessment matrix, and decide whether those risks are probable and/or of potentially high impact.  Share on the forum and on your wiki

  4. Visit at least two other participants' project wikis and use that space to ask clarification questions or offer suggestions to that person

  5. What is the difference between outcomes and outputs?  Discuss on the forum 

  6. Join the "office hours" chat on Collaborate at this time on Thursday Jan. 30th

       To enter the meeting , follow this link, write your name in the marked spaces and  allow the system to download the meeting to your PC.  http://learningtimesevents.org/webheads



Comment on other participants’ work on the wiki/blog - share them with your followers on Facebook and/or Twitter
Twitter hashtag chat   #projmanevo2014




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