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Week 2

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Week 2: Goal Setting                                                       

Weekly Objective: In this week, participants will phrase  their project goal, turn it into SMART objectives, and then list and schedule tasks and activities to be done to reach the objective



Setting a goal for your project
Basic project design framework
SMART objectives – definitions, examples, editing non-SMART objectives
Strategy – turning objectives into tasks and activities


Resources for presenting the concept:

Online tools for brainstorming and task scheduling

Gantt charts




1. Watch the slideshow presentation on goal setting.  Create a page for your project on this wiki and name it [Your name]'s Project.  Write on it your problem/need, and the Goal of your project to address that need.




2. Watch the presentation on setting SMART objectives  Take a look at the following objectives and decide what is wrong with them:

  • To improve the English of 7-11 year olds by June 2014

  • To enable 96% of those who wish to enter to get the required score on IELTS/TOEFL to enter the unversity of their choice, by September 2014 

  • To build a nice wheelchair ramp 

  • To improve access to the building 



Post your thoughts in the week 2 discussion forum http://projectmanagementevo2014participants.pbworks.com/w/page/70953263/Forum week 2


3. Write between 1-5 SMART objectives for your project on your project wiki


4. Watch the presentation on strategy and scheduling



5. Look at the tools suggested and decide which one is the one you like most.  Discuss your choice in the forum.  

Project Libre (a newer version of Open Proj)


Project Gantt Chart (an Excel template)


6. Join the "office hours" chat on Collaborate at this time

     To enter the meeting , follow this link, write your name in the marked spaces and  allow the system to download the meeting to your PC.  http://learningtimesevents.org/webheads

If you have any trouble Marina will be on Skype: minushkigonzalez


here is the link to the unedited transript chat transcript undeited 23 jan.docx


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