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Week 1

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Week 1: Setting the Ground                                                  


Weekly Objective: Get to know one another, set the expectations and requirements of the session


Readings/Slideshows: Introduction to projects

Andy's introductory video: 


if you want to browse a bit further in the web, then you can watch any of hte ones below:





or you may want to take a look at the following ppt:What is a project.ppt





  • Getting to know each other:

Please post a brief introduction in the Comments Section below telling us 3 things about yourself, 2 things about your workplace and 1 thing you would like to improve there. Please post these introductions in the Participants' wiki forum for week 1. Just click this link to start writing:  http://projectmanagementevo2014participants.pbworks.com/w/page/70953252/Forum week 1


  • Getting started with projects:

Maybe you are familiar with the term, maybe you want to start exploring it in this session. Browse the links posted in Readings/Slideshows above  for some definitions on Projects that are available in the web.

You will be invited to post a selected goal in Week 2.  Any questions or doubts you would like to share in the meantime? Drop  your questions in the forum for week 1 posted above.


  • What problem would you like to work on?

In week 2 we'll be starting work with your project, but in advance of that, one question you should start thinking about is what problem or need you would like to work on addressing with your project.  At this stage you don;t have to post this up (though you are most welcome to), and it won;t be binding and you can always change as you go through the course, but in general what need would you like your project to address?




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