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Welcome to the Project Management EVO 2014!



In this page you will find basic information about our EVO and links to contents so you can explore and see. We certainly hope you will want to join us this  jan-feb 2014!





Choosing a new coursebook, redesigning a curriculum, setting up a self-access center, and many other tasks that you need to complete in your school – can all be organised as projects.  Conceptualizing, planning and realizing such projects is a great way to effect positive change in your organization. This session leads participants through the steps of designing and managing smaller and larger-scale projects and is useful for all language program administrators.




Academic Managers, Teachers interested in Program Administration, teachers pursuing professional development  instances



Our Sponsors:

IATEFL LAMSIG,  TESOL Program Administration IS, Teacher Education IS, Intensive English Programs.


Join this session

Sign up for the session starts on Jan 6th, 2014.
Please, follow the steps below to join this group:
From January 6th to 12th, 2014:
  1. Go to: http://groups.yahoo.com/groups/projectmanagement2014

  2. Click on "Join this Group". 

  3. Wait for your membership approval.  

  4. Our main wiki, where you will access materials, is public so you needn't request access, just mark it in your Favorites Bar. 

  5. Don't forget to request access to the participants' wiki at: http://projectmanagementevo2014participants.pbworks.com   You will post your comments and proposals in that wiki.






The action starts on Jan 14, 2013.




By the end of this workshop, participants will have:


  • had a hands-on experience with project management;
  • taken part in a community of colleagues interested in ESOL Management worldwide to build rapport and create a sense of community;
  • reflected on and defined core managerial tasks through exchange with peers;
  • discussed possibilities of implementing projects in their communities of practice;
  • shared their proposal and received suggestions for implementation.   




Week 1 (Jan 13-19, 2014)


During this week participants will: 



  • Join the group online meeting place
  • exchange introductions and become familiar with the group environments
  • explore some online tools
  • get started with projects 



Week 2 (Jan 20-26, 2014)


During this week participants will: 



  • phrase  their project goal
  • turn it into SMART objectives
  • list and schedule tasks and activities to be done to reach the objective




Week 3 (Jan 27- Feb 2, 2014)



During this week participants will: 



  • define stakeholders in a project
  • share and comment on others' proposals



Week 4 (Feb 3- 9, 2014)



During this week participants will: 



  • revise the ideas for the project to spot necessary improvements or monitoring moments
  • exchange impressions and doubts
  • work together to overcome halts/freezing points in project design 



Week 5 (Feb 10-16, 2014)



During this week participants will: 



  • Post their  project proposals
  • Share and comment on  the wiki
  • Action plan for next steps





Andy Hockley

   Andy is a freelance educational management consultant and teacher trainer based in deepest Transylvania.After 11 years of teaching English worldwide, he    completed an MA in International and Intercultural Management at the School for International Training in the US. Subsequently he worked as an educational        project manager at SIT, including participating in the curriculum working party that developed the International Diploma in Language Teaching Management    (IDLTM). He has been coordinating and training on the IDLTM since its inception in 2001.



Andy Curtis


Andy Curtis received his M.A. in Applied Linguistics and his Ph.D. in International Education, both from the University of York in England. From 2007 to 2011, Andy was the Director of the ELT Unit at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in China, and a professor in the Faculty of Education there. And from 2002 to 2006, he was the Executive Director of the School of English at Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada. Over the last 20 years, he has published around 100 articles, book chapters and books, and presented to around 25,000 teachers in 50 countries, in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, as well as North, South and Central America. He is currently working with the Graduate School of Education at Anaheim University, which is based in California, USA.





Marina González


Marina is a freelance educational consultant and teacher trainer in the areas of Management and Materials Design born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She was promoted to coordination positions in every job she took in her younger years and when she joined the Centro Universitario de Idiomas, a large extension programme related to the University of Buenos Aires, she coordinated around 120 teachers working with around 10,000 students. 





Communication Media used

Yahoo group http://groups.yahoo.com/groups/projectmanagement2014

Wiki: http://projectmanagementevo2014.pbworks.com

Participants' Wiki: http://projectmanagementevo2014participants.pbworks.com

Live meeting: BlackBoard Collaborate/Elluminate (instructions will be provided to join)

Thanks to participant Melody Philip, we also now have a twitter hashtag for the session:#projmanevo14 


Skype IDs

               Marina González: minushkigonzalez

               Andy Hockley: adhockley






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